Imane Khalikane

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Passionate about product management and business development, I help leading companies define appealing marketing strategies for innovative products and services and to deliver better products that suit end-users’ requirements and wishes since 7 years.
Gathering market insights, business trends and customers' expectations, I'm an enthusiastic, experienced and innovative technical engineer who take advantage of my management skills to catalyze teams’ efficiency and to encourage “inspect & adapt” pattern in order to meet customers’ expectations.
I rely on cutting-edge practices and pay a particular attention to efficiency and effective progress tracking.



  • January 2016 - Now

    Qatar Datamation Systems

    Business Development Advisor

    Working with major Qatari companies and helping them build intelligent software solutions relying on cutting edge technologies that are modular and fluid.

    Taking up new challenges and turning information into insights giving our customers the agility they need to respond to change faster.

    We worked closely with the teams to encourage them to use their skills to excel and to adopt a culture of ongoing learning.

    • Product presentation
    • Customers behavior analysis
    • Business development strategy
    • Requirements analysis
    • Market analysis

  • July 2015 - Now


    CEO - Lean Startup growth advisor

    OeLean is an advising company that helps new and established businesses define their products and services growth strategy, relying on customer insights and iterative product development.

    I had the opportunity to work as a growth advisor for several startup acceleration programs, providing new businesses with the means and tools they need to scale their companies and develop their business faster.

    • Market analysis
    • Business Model Generation
    • Product developement
    • New business strategy
    • Partnership establishment
    • Customer loyalty tracking

  • March 2014 - December 2015


    Lean Startup Coach & Scrum Master

    The SNCF mobile application aims to provide travelers with the real-time information they need to facilitate their everyday journeys or during an occasional travel, whether in normal traffic conditions or in case of disturbances.

    Creating a sustainable intrapreneurs Lean Startup Initiative for a strategic topic such as traveler's information is a real challenge requiring the involvement and the collaboration of the entire company.

    I relied on state of the art project management practices and took advantage of my Scrum Master skills to help the team maintain cohesion and productivity in this environment despite multiple constraints and complex issues.

    • Product Vision Statement
    • Customers Requirements
    • Workshop With End-users
    • Agile & Scrum

    • iOS & Android
    • Apple Watch
    • Big Data RealTime
    • Test Driven Development
    • DevOps

  • July 2015 - July 2015

    Varsity Ventures

    Startup Growth Advisor

    The Varsity Challenge initiative brings together the best startup projects from UK universities. Within the accelerator, young entrepreneurs are supported and advised during a year from the early stage to the seeding.

    Advising highly motivated future entrepreneurs, in the implementation of their first experience represents a real challenge and requires responsiveness, expertise, judgement and pedagogy.

    My experience of both the problems and the complexity related to leading companies allowed me to provide the attendees with the most innovative business growth and scaling practices.

    • Lean Startup
    • Business Model Generation
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Gamestorming

    • Startup Accelerator
    • Mobile Devices
    • E-commerce
    • Business Platforms

  • March 2011 - February 2014


    Business Development Advisor - Product Management Officer

    The SIRIUS application assists 16000 train drivers, and provides essential information to the success of their daily mission.

    Building an application for users who are performing a critical job requires the implementation of a particular process to ensure the quality and to respond to the user's need.

    Relying on iterative and incremental Agile and Scrum principles, I managed, by establishing a direct relationship with users, to make the team create and refine a relevant application, reliable and intuitive, which facilitates the driving agents' work.

    Through the creation of this collaborative environment in the early stages of delivery, we were able to ensure the success and quick adoption of the application.

    • Product Management
    • Product Training
    • Customer Relashionship
    • Product Ownership
    • Agile & Scrum

    • iOS iPAD
    • MS Windows Mobile
    • Server API
    • Continuous Integration

  • February 2009 - February 2011


    Customer Relationship Manager

    The EFLUID solution enables the commercial management of EDF customers and their technical facilities, not only for electricity but also gas, water, sanitation, heating and video communications.

    Adapting a multidisciplinary solution to users'​ multiple needs requires special attention in the features'​ definition and design to maintain consistency, usability as well as quality.

    Using my dual technical and functional expertise combined with a solid business development approach allowed me to ensure fast product adoption and allowed me to define the functionalities to be implemented while ensuring feasibility and seamless integration into the product.

    • Product Management
    • Market Analysis
    • Customer Relashionship
    • Business Development

    • Java JEE Environment
    • Continuous Integration


  • November 2014

    Scrum Master

    Scrum Master Certification with Jeff Sutherland


  • September 2006 - January 2009

    Computer science Engineer


    ENSEIRB, The National School of Electronics , Computer and Radiocommunications in Bordeaux is a school training engineers in the field of information technology and communication founded in 1920. It is located in Talence, in Bordeaux suburbs.

  • September 2003 - July 2006

    Preparatory classes for engineering schools

    La Matinière MonPlaisir / François Arago

    Preparatory classes for engineering schools


  • December 2015

    Agile Tour Sophia Antipolis / France

    Speaker – How to achieve a successful intrapreneurship experience in a big company

  • November 2015

    Agile Tour Paris / France

    Speaker – How to achieve a successful intrapreneurship experience in a big company

  • September 2015

    Agile Tour London/ France

    Speaker – How to achieve a successful intrapreneurship experience in a big company

  • April 2015

    Scrum Day Paris / France

    Speaker – Lean Startup Rock Opera


  • Product Management
  • Product Presentation
  • Business Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Growth Acceleration
  • Product developement


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French


  • CSC Award for Excellence


  • CSC President's Awards



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